Goldcare Service

Gold Care Service: (All Type Of Cockroaches, Red & Black Ants, Silverfish, Firebrats & Spider)


They are easily seen as a common pest; besides being a nuisance, they can transmit respiratory disease, contaminate food and damage article. Type of cockroaches generally seen in household pets …

German Cockroach:

Mostly found in indoors and kitchens, cracks and crevices, they grow in a large numbers in a short span of time.

American Cockroaches

Lives in swears and manholes, they enter home through ‘nanny’ traps, open doors etc.

Brown-Banded cockroach:

Found in homes, it looks very much like a German cockroach.

Ants : ( Red & Black Ants )

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Silverfish & Firebrats

Largely active at night, they damage household articles containing starch such as book bindings and fabrics.

Organic Gold Care Service

Organic Gold Care Service is specially designed to offer you Gel baiting for cockroaches, Eco friendly, Hassle-free, odorless, safe and very effective solutions for these pest problems, which includes a spray treatment to take care of ant’s spider and silverfish.