Termite Care Service

Termite Care: (Subterranean & Soil-nesting Termites)

Termites are the number one pest on this earth for more than 250 million years. When its come to structural damage to homes. Most of this damage is caused by subterranean or soil-nesting termites in search for food containing cellulose such as wood, paper, clothes etc. They construct pathways or mud tubes from nest to food source. These tubes are sure sign of infestation, as are winged termites seen hovering around light sources during the monsoons. Lack of these tell-tale signs does not mean there are no termites around and damage often goes undetected till it’s too late. When dealing with termites, prevention is definitely better than cure.

Organic Termite Care Service

Our termite care service is odorless, effective, long lasting with latest quality chemicals, comprises of drilling holes at the junction of wall and floor and makes a chemical barrier in structure.