Rat Guard Service

Rat Guard Service

Pest covered –Rats and mice :

Rodent comprise mice, rats, bandicoots are among the most successful and abundant mammals on our planets. They live at man’s expense; invade his home eat his food and damage his property. They contaminated his food with their feaces, urine and hair. Rodents are carriers of Plague, Rabies and more than 40 dreaded diseases such as Leptospirosis and Rat Bite Fever etc.

Treatment Details :

Inspecting premises to provide an audit on the nature and extent of infestation, a comprehensive service plan, Proofing measures includes sealing of entry points &creating barrier for the Rodent movement

  • The Rat guard is fix strategic locations where the rodents frequently visit.
  • Rodent cant cross Guard and can’t go upper side of Building
  • Its designed keeping human safety in mind
  • Targeted at total control
  • Competent technical supervision and monitoring.
Organic Assurance:

In case of resurgence of pest under contract, interim calls if any also would be attended to without extra cost.

Validity :

This quotation is valid for 30 days from date of submission.