Wood Care Service

Wood care Service

Wood Care Service Is a specialized service to combat woodborer infestation the chemical is injected into the exit holes to provide effective treatment? The best way to combat wood borers however, is through the preventive treatment of plywood before applying varnish/ paint or any other finishing.      

  • Powder Post Beetle
  • It is the most serious pest of all types of processed & soft  wood
  • The adult is a tiny flying insect
  • Dark brown to black in color
  • Female lay eggs in the crevices and rough surfaces of timber
  • On hatching the larvae tunnel into wood
  • Only larvae damages
  • The life cycle takes one to more years
  • The adult is a good flyer and thus can attack and spread the infestation in new area
  • Larvae feed on the wood
  • When mature, the adults emerge to mate
  • Leaving round shot holes on the wood surface